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A Brian DePalma Film

Director Brian De Palma, whose CASUALTIES OF WAR addressed a horrific tragedy that occurred during the Vietnam war, turns his attention to Iraq with an unfortunately similar tale. Inspired by true events, REDACTED follows a group of soldiers who are stationed at a checkpoint in Iraq. Angel Salazar (Izzy Diaz) is an aspiring filmmaker who is intent on capturing his experience on videotape. His fellow soldiers--Reno Flake (Patrick Carroll), Lawyer McCoy (Rob Devaney), and Gabe Blix (Kel O’Neill)--seem to be surprisingly well-adjusted at first, but it isn’t long before their true colors come through. When Reno decides to get drunk and harass an Iraqi family, the situation devolves into rape and murder, putting an incredible strain on Lawyer, who wants to expose Reno but doesn’t want to rat out a fellow soldier.

Opens Friday, January 25th

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An undisputed masterpiece and perhaps Hollywood's quintessential statement on love and romance, Casablanca has only improved with age, boasting career-defining performances from Humphrey Bogart and Ingred Bergman.

Valentine's Day
Thursday, February 14th

Screenland B-Movie Night!

Star Crash

All B-Movie Night Films only $4 Admission!

If you only see one Star Wars rip-off this year, it has to be Star Crash!

Starring Marjoe Gortner AND David Hasselhoff, with 'lightsabers,' a 'death star,' some robots, a very familiar-looking 'bounty hunter' on the poster, and of course, a Hoff-on-Zarthon saber-battle royale!

Saturday, February 16th

The First Friday Film Series Presents:
A Tale as Old as Time Itself
The Wizard
All First Friday Films only $6 Admission!

13-year-old Corey Woods is like almost every other kid his age: he practically eats, sleeps, and drinks videogames. When Corey discovers that his autistic brother is an idiot savant who's a wiz with a joystick, the two runaway to Los Angeles just to participate in a $30,000 videogame championship. But before it's all over, Corey and Jimmy will have their parents, their brother and a vicious bounty hunter on their tail.

First Friday, March 7th